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Mobile App?

Unfortunately Myplace support do not provide the support service for the Strathclyde Mobile App.

If you have a question about the mobile app please email

If you have a technical issue with the mobile app please email

I'm not able to upload an assignment?

Have you read the support page about submitting assignments?

Can't See Originality Reports

Has your tutor allowed you to view your originality score? Remember all resubmissions after the first one take at least 24 hours to come back.

There was a problem sending your submission to Turnitin....

  1. The most common cause is that the file you submitted is missing the correct suffix, such as .doc or .docx or .pdf.
  2. Is your file one that Turnitin accepts?

Myplace looks different

Myplace 2015-2016 looks different from 2014-2015 because there has been an upgrade to the visual theme.

If you can’t find blocks (e.g. navigation block) that you’re used to seeing, it could be that they have been docked.

Access information on docking and undocking blocks.

I can't see any classes or my list is incorrect

  1. Have you tried clicking on the "Refresh Class List" option?
  2. Does PEGASUS list your classes correctly
More Information

Staff access


Access to PEGASUS classes for formal roles (e.g. Lecturer, Class Administrator) is via the Roles and Responsibilities application in PEGASUS.

Non PEGASUS Classes

Access to these classes should be requested from the staff who run the class directly.

Creating a New Site (staff only)

Sites for PEGASUS classes are automatically created. If does not appear in Myplace, check that it is listed in the Class Catalogue and that you have access via Roles & Responsibilities in PEGASUS.

There is a create a site option in the "Staff Help" option at the top of Myplace or go directly to Create a Site.

You may create new sites in areas where you have been given permission or you can create "personal" sites within your own personal playground area.

Does this help resolve your issue?

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Please be as specific as you can. Please use the title of the class / activity as it is displayed in Myplace or provide a URL to the activity.

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