This is a quick checklist of things to look at to see if students can view their grade and feedback for assignments.

Check List

  1. Access the class
  2. Identify the activity
  3. Review the "not available unless" conditions
  4. Check "Hidden from students" row on grading summary (should be No)
  5. View All Submissions
  6. Verify Reveal Student identities does *not* appear in grading actions.
  7. Check students have grades
  8. Check if Grading Workflow enabled, if it is:
    1. Check all grades are in Released workflow state
  9. View Gradebook
  10. See How can I see the visibility of grade items easily? to turn on additional icons to show the status of grades.
  11. Turn Editing on in the Grader Report
  12. Check Grade item for activity is visible (eye should be open) - If the eye has a line through it, the grade item for the activity is not visible to the students. Click on the eye to make that grade item visible and check again.
  13. Check Eye is open next to each student's grade - If the eye is closed, the individual grade for that student is hidden. Click on the eye to make that grade visible, or hide and show the whole grade item and check again.

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