Grade calculations may be necessary as an alternative to the assessment regime or weighting when setting up a class gradebook in Myplace.

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To access the set-up area of the Gradebook in a Myplace class, click on the 'Grades' link in the Administration block of the class. 

Then from Administration>Grade administration>Setup click 'Categories and items'

Grade calculations are an alternative to 'weightings' which can be seen in this image. To set the 'Aggregation' to use weights, click the 'Edit' button at the category level and choose edit settings. Then make sure 'Weighted Mean of Grades' is selected and you will be able to manually set the weights. See and  for detailed information on these settings.

To create a 'Grade calculation' for a category total, click 'Edit' and 'Edit calculation' 

Grade values in the Myplace Gradebook will retain a value which is defined to 5 decimal places. Even if you set the value to display to less decimal places, if that value is involved in calculating anything e.g. a class total, the '5 decimal place value' will be used in that calculation, which can cause confusion.

The only way to 'round' in real value terms, if required, is to use a Grade Calculation. See to see the correct term to use for this.

This will take you to the 'Grade Calculation' screen which will allow you to create precise and complex calculations using items in you Gradebook. 

Please be aware that if an assignment or quiz is deleted/recreated in a Myplace class, this will 'break' any gradebook calculation. As one of the items will appear missing to the calculation, Myplace (Moodle) attempts to solve the calculation and it causes much of the class page to run very slowly.

The main disadvantage to using Grade Calculations rather than 'weights' is that they are much less visible to other staff users of that class. Generally it's recommended to use 'weights' if it's possible to achieve the results you need using that and if using Grade Calculations, make sure that other staff are informed of this.

For detailed instructions on creating calculations including formula terms and name items see 

You may also want to use visual panels to communicate related information, tips or things users need to be aware of.

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