Learning analytics status: 

A system is currently in place.  

System in place: 

Moodle, internal Dashboards and the StREAM product from Solutionpath.

Journey so far: 

The original project for implementing learning analytics for the University of the West of Scotland was retention and that continues to be the key objective with the main use of the system to encourage use of the library. This was due to research showing the library to be the most determining factor to academic success. The university uses behaviour analytics not predictive.   

The data is not collected and stored, it is taken as a snapshot. The university believes attendance is a poor indicator of academic success, so the system looks at library data, such as access of journals, printing and VLE usage.  

An external package from SolutionPath is used to implement learning analytics. The university systems are not integrated, instead, SolutionPath pulls all the data together.  

Students are able to log in and see this dashboard which allows them to understand their own engagement.  

Students have been involved in the learning analytics process. They have been represented on committees throughout and have been involved in focus groups on the topic.  

Future goals:

To create more meaningful dialogue between staff and students based on evidence to enhance student learning behaviour. The aim is for open communication and to understand what areas best predict academic success, so the university knows where to put more resources.  The SolutionPath system would also allow referrals by academics to student support services via the system.  This is not something the institution has yet fully investigated.