Meet Now (Instant Meetings)

You can start an instant meeting and invite others to join this meeting at any time. You can use your Personal Meeting ID for Instant Meetings. 

On the Zoom website, log in to your account and click Host a Meeting.

Note: An instant meeting ID started from Zoom desktop client, Zoom mobile app, or the Zoom website will expire as soon as the meeting has ended.

Scheduled Meetings

You can schedule a future one-time meeting or a future recurring meeting. There are several ways to schedule a meeting. You can invite your participants ahead of time and include the invitation on a calendar or send it out via email.

Scheduling Meetings

Zoom offers multiple methods to schedule a meeting. A host has control over the options for their scheduled meetings except for settings that an administrator has locked for all users in the account or for all members of a specific group.

  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click Meetings.

  • Select "Schedule a new Meeting" and this will open the scheduler window.

  • Select your meeting settings. 

  • Click Save to finish, and open the selected calendar service to add the meeting.