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The display of the show/hide icons in the gradebook whilst in editing mode has recently been updated to be On by default.

One of the useful preferences you can set in your Grader Report Preferences will display additional icons indicating the visibility state of grade items.

  1. Go in to the Grade book
  2. Access the Preferences: Grader Report item in the Setup section of Grade Administration

  3. In the Show/hide toggles section set the Show show/hide icons to Yes (or No if you wish to hide the icons.) 
  4. Click on Save Changes
  5. Return to  the Grader Report 
  6. Click on the Turn editing on option
  7. An additional eye icon should appear next to categories, grade items and individual student grades.

    The icon appears as an open eye (Hide   ) if the item is visible and a crossed out eye (Show  assign An Assignment resubmission 1) if the item is not visible to students.