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This article will include the basics of setting up an individual assignment in Myplace. 

If you are unsure about any of the settings click on the symbol near the setting to find out more about it.

Step-by-step guide

1) First click 'turn editing on' when you are in a class

2) Choose 'Assignment' from the 'Add an activity or resource' menu.

Click on any of the images below to enlarge.

3) You will be prompted to add a name and description which is mandatory in the General section. This section will also allow you to choose to display the description on the main page and upload any additional files the students might need for their assignment (e.g. an in-depth essay brief or pro-forma)

4) Next you can set the Availability:

  • Allow submissions from -  date and time that students can submit from
  • Due date - Students will still be able to submit after this date (if Cut-off date is not enabled) but late submissions will be marked as such
  • Cut-off date - Students will no longer be able to submit after this date

5) The next settings are for Strathclyde assessment and feedback policy and principles which include: 

  • Enable opt-out of University Assignment and Feedback Policy where appropriate. (e.g. formative assignments)
  • Marks release date - to inform students when the marks will be release N.B. This does not affect the date grades are actually released to students. 
  • Assigning the feedback and assessment coordinator 
  • Marking criteria - is an area to define the marking criteria which will display to the students

If you are using a rubric or marking guide that is visible to students you can enter a notification for students to 'see rubric' to avoid duplication.

If the 'Opt-out' checkbox is not enabled the other sections of this setting are mandatory for creating an assignment.

See opposite for an example of how this will appear to students in the assignment. 

5) See Submission types for more information on this setting

6) See Feedback types for more information on this setting


7) In the Submission settings, you can set:

  • Require students click submit button - If you set this to 'Yes' students will be able to continue editing the assignment as a draft copy until they press "Submit" after which it will be their final submission. If set to 'No' they will be able to continue editing and the submission will be made automatically on the due date
  • Attempts reopened - can be set never,  'manual' - requiring a staff member to action or 'automatic until pass' - allowing the student to continue submitting until pass mark is achieved
  • Maximum attempts - maximum attempts allowed

8) See Group submission settings for more information on this setting

9) See Notifications for more information on this setting

10) See Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings for Myplace specific information on these settings.


11) In the Grade settings you can set:

  • The assignment to be graded by points or a scale and (if points based) the maximum points grade
  • The grading method as a simple direct grading, marking guide or rubric
  • The category in the gradebook as formative, summative or administrative
  • Anonymous marking (Student identity is hidden from marker) on or off

Anonymous marking is set to 'on' by default. When using this each participant will be designated a 'participant number' in the 'View/Grade all submissions' page of the assignment. Please note that this does not affect anonymity settings when using the Turnitin 'Grademark' application. Details on how to make this anonymous can be found in Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings.

12) In the Common module settings you can set:

  • The assignment to visible to students or not
  • An ID number, should you wish to include this assignment in a Gradebook calculation

  • Group mode to None or Visible/Separate groups. The effect of setting this to Visible/Separate groups (on assignment there is no difference between these options) is that on the View/Grade all submissions page the grader will see a drop down menu that will allow them to filter the page by group
  • Grouping - which grouping to use for selectable groups

On assignment Group mode and Grouping has no effect on how the students see or use the assignment submission point. It's only effect is to make the 'View/Grade all submissions' page easier for graders to view by group.

  1. The Restrict access setting allows you to set conditions for accessing your assignment based on a variety of conditions of other elements in your class
  2. See Activity completion for more information on this setting which allows you to set the conditions for completing an activity. 


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