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This support page describes how to change the thumbnail image, also know as the pre-roll, which is presented by the video before it is played.

Sometimes the pre-roll image that is displayed to viewers prior to the start of the video can be less than useful.

For example:

This can happen when the video has been uploaded and eStream has attempted to determine an appropriate frame to use.

You can change the pre-roll image to either a different frame from the video, or you can upload a graphic to appear instead.

Step-by-step guide

1) Find your video on eStream http://ls-video2.ces.strath.ac.uk/

2) Once you're on the eStream page for your video, select the "Options"

3) Select "Edit Details"

4) The right hand panel will change into editing mode

5) Click on the set option below the thumbnail

6) Click on "Set Thumbnail From Video" to set the thumbnail to the currently displayed frame of the video


Click on the "Set Thumbnail From File" to upload an image to be displayed.

7) Click on the "Save" button to save your changes

Now when you view the video in Myplace the new pre-roll / thumbnail is displayed