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Sometimes you will find that an assignment activity has been set up in individual submission mode, instead of group submission mode. It is not possible to switch submission modes once students have made a submission. 

This article will run through the steps necessary to give each student a group mark, when the activity is in individual submission mode.


  1. Access the Class Administration > Gradebook setup option
  2. This will list the activities in the class.
  3. On the row for the affected assignment, click on the "Edit" option
  4. Select the "Hide" option. This will prevent students from seeing their grades until we are ready.
  5. Go back to the main class page
  6. Go in to the assignment activity
  7. Click on the the "View all submissions" button to access the Grading Table view
  8. In the "Grading action" menu select "Reveal Student Identities" 

    This makes it easier to identify the students you are giving the mark to. You can only do this if you hold the Class Administrator role or can switch to the this role.

  9. You will need to confirm the revealing of identities by clicking on the "Continue" button.
  10. You should be returned to the grading table view
  11. In the "Grading action" menu select "Download grading worksheet"
  12. Open the downloaded CSV file
  13. This CSV file has a number of columns, but the main one is the 6th column "Grade"
  14. You would need to give each student who is in ths same group the appropriate group grade.
  15. If you wish to give a group any feedback, then you would need to put the same group comment in the "Feedback comments" column for each student in the same group.
  16. Once you have entered the grades and feedback save the file, ensuring that it is saved as Comma Separated Value (CSV) file
  17. Return to the grading table view for the assignment
  18. In the "Grading actions" menu select "Upload grading worksheet"
  19. In the Upload a file part choose the CSV file with the updated grades.
  20. You should not need to touch any of the other settings
  21. Click on "upload grading worksheet"
  22. A list of confirmation steps will be displayed.
  23. Click on "Confirm" if there are no problems.
  24. You should get a confirmation of the actions taken, click on Continue
  25. You should return to the Grading Table view, however the students should now have a Grade value in the Grade column.
  26. Once you want to release the grades to the students, access the Class Administration > Gradebook setup option
  27. On the row for activity click on the "Edit" option
  28. Select the "Show" option. This will allow the students to see their grades.

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