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This page will explain how to set up an assignment as a tool for collecting documents from students

Sometimes it can be useful to use a Myplace assignment activity to collect documents from students. This could be forms for external trips or a variety of other documents.

There are just a few settings (detailed below) that must be set to take into account that it is not an assessed piece of work

Create the Assignment

Step 1 - Turn editing on

Step 2 - Click 'Add an activity or resource' 

Step 3 - Select assignment then click add.

Configure the assignment

Step 1 - Name and describe the assignment 

Make it clear to students what the purpose of this assignment is. You can toggle if you want the description to be displayed on the course page


You can add any files that will be useful (such as forms that students will fill out) in the 'additional files' section

Step 2 - Set the relevant dates

Step 3 - Opt out of assessment and feedback policy

Select the checkbox to opt out, since this assignment is just for collecting documents and isn't an assessed piece of work

Step 4 - Set what file submissions you want

Step 5 - Disable Turnitin if it is not needed

Step 6 - Click save changes 

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