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This page discusses how you can request an extension to a piece of coursework using the extensions request feature in Myplace.  This feature is new to Myplace for academic year 2019/20.

Covid 19 Coronavirus

There is now an option to request an extension for reasons related to Covid 19 Coronavirus measures currently in place.

What does it do?

It allows you to request an extension to the deadline for piece of coursework.
For now, it is only possible to request an extension through Myplace for assignment activities, which are represented by this icon Image of the Assignment icon in Myplace 

Extensions for coursework not in Myplace

If the extensions tool has been disabled or the coursework is not available in Myplace, please refer to your course handbook for guidance.

When can I apply for an extension?

Extension requests will normally be made in advance of a coursework submission deadline.  In exceptional cases, students may apply for an extension retrospectively.  Students are encouraged to communicate to staff any circumstances that are negatively impacting their studies as early as possible.


Guidance on circumstances which may be grounds for an extension can be found in the Policy and Procedure on Extensions to Coursework Submission.  However, the list in the document does not try to cover every possible scenario - it simply provides examples.  Students should not be discouraged from submitting a request if they do not see their situation described.

How to request an extension in Myplace

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1) Go to the Myplace site for the class in which you wish to request an extension to the deadline of a piece of coursework.

2) Click on the assignment link for the piece of coursework.

3) You will see a page containing information about the assignment, the status of your submission and the deadline.  Click on the Extensions section and select ‘request an extension’

4) Fill in the form

a) Select a reason from the dropdown list

b) Propose a new deadline (date and time)

c) Describe in more detail your reason for requesting an extension

Failure to provide additional information may result in your extension request being denied

  • You can now select "Covid 19 Coronavirus - Related" as a reason, as well as any of the previously available reasons.

5) Submit your extension request by clicking save changes. You will then be shown a confirmation page

Your request will be considered in line with the Policy and Procedure on Extensions to Coursework Submission.  You will receive a Myplace notice and an email to confirm that your request has been submitted and if it has been approved.  

If you have downloaded the University’s Mobile App and have logged in using your DS username, you will also receive a push notification on your device.

Cancelling an extension request

If you submit an extension request and decide that you no longer require it, you can cancel the request up until the point at which it is approved.  View the assignment submission link and then under the extensions request tab click cancel.

After it has been approved, you cannot cancel the request but you can, of course, submit the work in time for the original deadline.

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