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You can't find a list of classes that you may enrol onto.

To find classes for which you do not have academic, teaching or administration responsibility, click Find a class in the top left corner of the screen when you are in Myplace. This will allow you to search for classes which you already have access to or are open to guest access. 

If you are a member of staff who is an OrganiserLecturer or Administrator for a registry class, then you must be assigned to this class to gain edit access in Myplace. For registry classes, a class page is rolled over on Myplace at the beginning of each academic year. If it is a new class, a blank class space will be created. 

  • Staff access to classes on Myplace is controlled via the Class Catalogue - if you need access to a class on Myplace, then add yourself as class organiser or lecturer by logging into Pegasus, clicking on the Student Experience tab and then the 'Manage My Responsibilities' link under Role and Responsibility Maintenance.  (ALL academic and teaching staff should be able to access this for their own departments, however please contact Student Business if you are unable to do so, or need to add yourself to a class in a different department)  

  • Student access to classes on Myplace is controlled via registration – i.e. all students registered for a class on Pegasus will automatically have access to the corresponding page on Myplace.  

  • Note that Lecturers / Organisers can add anyone informally to any role at a local class level by clicking Users/ Enrolled Users from the left hand Settings block on a class page and then clicking on the Enrol users button:
    Adding Informal Roles to a Class

However, there are lots of scenarios where Myplace is used for classes which are NOT registry-based (e.g. CPD, research groups and programme or department level pages ) and there are a number of options for managing access using class codes, programme codes, self enrolment or manual enrolment.  

Non-registry classes are set up as required by making a request to the Learning Technology and Enhancement Team or by sending in a request with relevant detail (course/class code) to Learning Technology and Enhancement Support team at the below address: