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Add an activity or resource

On your class page you can use the Create learning activity link to add a resource or activity to a class. You can also add files to your class page directly. Drag and drop your file to the 'Drop files to attach, or browse' box or browse and select your file.

  • Click Create learning activity.
  • Once you click the link, you will be presented with a pop-up list of activities. select the activity from the list.
  • In order to see the resources, click Resources next to Activity button.
  • If you need information about each activity and resource click Help guide button next to Resources. 



Edit an activity or resource

There is a toolbar at the bottom of each activity that allows you to do some changes.

  • Click  to edit the activity or resource.
  • Click  to open a drop down menu. From there you can delete, hide, duplicate and assign roles in that activity. 

  • In order to move your activity on the class page click and then choose the place by clicking .

You can only place each activity or resource before another activity.

In this example we want to move label 3 and place it before label 2. Then we will move it back at the end of the section.

  • Choose  from the toolbar under label 3.
  • Click on label 2 to place label 3 before label 2.
  • Now we want to place label 3 at the end of section. 
  • Click on the arrow under label 3. 
  • Select 'Move here' at the end of the page.


Activity or Resource Theme

You can add image to your activities or resources to make your class page look better.

  • To add an image to the activity, click to edit the activity.
  • There is an option menu at the right side of the page. Scroll down and select Presentation.
  • From the drop down menu, click Choose a file under 'Module resource image' and select Images from the menu at the right side of the page.
  • Choose an image and then click Save and return to class.

There is no required image size but it's recommended an aspect ratio and minimum dimensions of 300x130px (600x260px best size for retina screens). 
Activity images are decorative only, please do not use informative images or images of text.



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