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When a student enters voluntary suspension a number of things may happen to their presence in Myplace Class sites.

Class Enrolment Status

A student entering voluntary suspension will be updated so their enrolment on any PEGASUS class-code site becomes Suspended.

Students are almost never deleted from Class Sites in Myplace when their PEGASUS curriculum changes in order to preserve any work they may have submitted.

This will prevent them from access the PEGASUS class-coded site unless:

  • They have been given a manual enrolment
  • An alternative enrolment method (e.g. programme code) grants them access to the class-site.

If the class allows open access (almost) any user with a valid University username and password may enter the class-site and access the resourcesActivities are not generally completable as these users do get an enrolment on the class site.

Marks Return

It may be necessary to include a student in a marks return: they may have completed sufficient work prior to their VS that needs to be reported.

Because of this students in Voluntary Suspension may still appear in the Marks Return system, and it is up to the Electronic Marks Returner to determine what (if any) return should be made for the student.

Accessing Suspended Student's Work

There may be cases where it is necessary to access submissions made by students in Voluntary Suspension. 

In this case please contact the Myplace Support team via the Help Desk ( email: with the details of the student, class and activities needed, and further guidance can be provided.

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