• Discussions regarding the interface between the VLE and the Core Student Record.


  • Core Student Records will send to the VLE a cut-off date/time per student per class per board diet type (e.g. Main/Resit).    There may be more than one resit board set up and all will be sent.
    This cut-off date will then stop any marks being entered on the VLE for that student on that class for a particular board diet as the unapproved marks will, at this point, be mastered on the Core SR and therefore will need to be entered via the Exam Board functionality.
  • When staff are entering marks into the VLE, they will indicate that the marks are for a particular Board Diet i.e. Main board, Resit Board.
  • The Electronic Marks Return will be a real-time interface i.e. an Electronic Marks Return would be set up by a user on the VLE and then they would initiate the transmission of this data to the core Student record.  This Mark Return will contain the Board Diet Type that the marks are being returned for.
  • Handshake functionality would be put in place that will allow a user, once they have pressed the button to send the Marks Return,  to have a real-time response back to indicate whether each student had been successfully processed on the core SR or not.    It was agreed that a synchronised handshake would be preferable.


  • Ask Scott Walker whether CLL class credit bearing students should get a DS Account.   Currently they do not, but as CLL will require to enter Class Results via the VLE, then the CLL students and they classes they are on need to be available on the VLE.  At the moment, only students with a DS Account are set up on the VLE and if the CLL students do not get a DS Account, then the VLE team will have to make some software changes to allow the marks return to work.    Michael Aherne

  • Make the Electronic Marks Return page ‘mock-up’ available to the Core SR teamCraig McDonald

  • Unapproved class results and the user experience – should students be able to see their unapproved Class Results on MyPlace?  Michael Aherne Michael Hughes Craig McDonald

  • Liaise with D&I to determine how MyCLL will interact with the Core SR to allow CLL students and classes to be available on the VLE.  Action:  Tanja Paisley