• Initial discussion around EMA project & SIMS Phase 2

Discussion items

  • EMA would record assessment marks and produce an unapproved class mark for the core Oracle student record system to record prior to dissemination to examination boards for approval
  • The current timelines for the EMA project would be September 2018 which would be in line with the current SIMS Phase 2 – Core SR plan in relation to a parallel run of exam board processing (NB this would be on a test system only)
  • SIMS Phase 2 – Core SR PM would attend EMA project boards
  • Workshops would be scheduled to look at the more detailed requirements
  • SIMS Phase 2 – Core SR staff would be given access to the EMA project area
  • SIMS Phase 2 – Core SR technical lead will be invited to EMA – Student Business meetings

Action items