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This page will explain how to search who is enrolled on a Myplace class and what the information available means.

1) You can access Myplace at the following address 


2) Find a class by clicking the 'FIND A CLASS' button and search for the class by class code (e.g. CL929)

3) From the main class page, scroll down until you find the Adminstration block and click 'Users' which will open up a sub menu, then click on Enrolled users. 

This will take you a page similar to this. (we have highlighted enrolment methods to explain their meaning)

Most information here is self explanatory. There are a number of different roles staff roles and these can be named differently depending on the class but to find someone responsible for the class usually we would look for either lecturer, tutor, class administrator or faculty/dept administrator. 


You can search by various types of information

Users can be manually enrolled via the Myplace class but please note this is strictly the responsibility of departmental staff. 

Enrolment Methods

a) This enrolment method means the user has been enrolled via the Pegasus class code CL929. They can only be suspended from the class via Pegasus. 


b) This enrolment method means they have been manually enrolled on the class and can be removed via the enrolled users page by clicking the X. 

Please note Myplace Support will not remove or add users to a class manually, this is strictly the responsibility of departmental staff. We don;t have the relevant departmental knowledge to perform this action.

c) This enrolment method means the staff user has been enrolled at a category level in Myplace. The Myplace Support team administer this and only we can remove or enrol users in this way. It is used in the circumstance that a staff member need an overarching access to many classes in one department. It must be authorised by a senior member of staff in that department. 


d) This enrolment means that this individual is not enrolled in the class. It signifies that they were once enrolled via Pegasus but they were then removed from that code on Pegasus. This is signified by the the 'greyed out' font. 

The reason they still appear in 'enrolled users' is because if they are removed entirely from the class, all student data such as assignment submissions, forum posts etc. will be destroyed forever. As this might be due to suspension which is subject to appeal, we don't want to completely remove the enrolment and therefore we 'suspend' the enrolment.


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