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To record your screen for a screen capture you will need to use Camtasia2019. This software is licenced, so contact your department to organise a licence.

When you open the program, this box will appear. Click “New Recording”:

A smaller box will appear on screen. Make sure your audio is “On”. You can check the correct microphone is selected in the audio settings by clicking the small arrow next to the audio button:

Before starting the recording, make sure your desktop is tidy and close any other software that is not needed for your video. Make sure nothing confidential is on display on your screen. Change your desktop background to a generic Windows10 or University branded background.

Click “REC” to start recording. There will be a countdown before the recording begins:

Your screen is now being recorded. Progress with your video as planned. When you are finished, bring up the recorder panel (which will have minimised during the recording). Click the stop button. This will end your recording:

Camtasia will then open up your video in an editor. Wait for this programme to open:

Click File > Save as… to save your video file. Save this to a new folder in your documents. Name the file “01 – [title of video]”, “02 – [title of video]”, etc. This enables the media team to keep track of what videos have been filmed.

Close the Camtasia programme.

Open Camtasia again and select “New Recording”. Repeat until your videos have all be filmed.

When you have finished your session, upload all your Camtasia files to a new Sharefile folder for sending to the media teams.

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