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After consulting the guidance all student support requests should be submitted via

This is the recommended way to join a Zoom Lecture/Seminar/Tutorial. If you have problems joining in this way, please follow the guidance on "Joining Zoom Lectures & Seminars/Tutorials - Student Guidance - Alternative Method

Equipment Required:

  • PC or Mac
  • Earphones/Headphones

Lecturers will have configured sessions differently. Most will not require you to have a microphone or camera. Should you be joining a session that allows web camera and microphone for your participation, you are strongly recommended to use headphones or earphones and not the speakers of your computer. If your microphone picks up the audio from your speakers, this will result in an audio feedback loop and echo and/or disruptive audio feedback for your fellow students.

1. Finding the Zoom Meeting

If your class is using Zoom to provide lectures, seminars/tutorials or one-to-one meetings, access to these will be provided to you through a link in your class Myplace page. Eg:

2. Joining

Clicking on this link will present you with details of the "Meeting" (lecture, seminar or tutorial) with a button displayed for you to click to join:

3. Zoom - the First Time You Join a Meeting

The first time that you join a Zoom meeting on your computer, you need to run and install a small piece of software. If you follow these instructions and are unable to successfully join the Zoom Meeting, please follow the guidance on <<LINK joining from your browser>>,

Depending on your browser (FireFox, Chrome, Safari etc), this should look something like this:

When downloaded, find the download and run it to set up Zoom. The downloaded file should look like this:

Other browsers (such as Edge or Chrome) may look like this with a prompt at the bottom of the screen, enabling you to run the installer as soon as you download:

When the software is installing, you will see a progress bar on your screen:

You may be asked to allow the software permission to install:

You will be asked to accept the Zoom Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:

4. The Meeting - Joining

If the meeting "host" (the lecturer) has enabled video for students, you will be shown your current camera view and be given the option of turning this on:

You may be asked to join with your audio:

Note that you will be given the option of joining with a UK national call if you click on "Phone Call":

You should now be able to join the session.

After consulting the guidance all student support requests should be submitted via