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How to set up a Zoom Meeting Activity

After consulting the guidance all staff support requests should be directed to, Extension 3770 (0141 548 3770 off-campus).

This guide will help you to set up and conduct a 'Zoom Meeting'  in MyPlace so your students can join the session.Equipment Required by Tutor:

  • PC or Mac
  • Microphone
  • Web camera (optional)
  • Earphones/headphones

NB: You are strongly recommended to use headphones or earphones and not the speakers of your computer. If your microphone picks up the audio from your speakers, this will result in an audio feedback loop and echo and/or disruptive audio feedback for your students.

Step 1: Add a Zoom Meeting to MyPlace

Currently staff should only add Zoom activities themselves and not delegate this to a colleague. The facility to allow delegated creation of Zoom activities is being developed.

Go to your course page in MyPlace and Turn editing on

Scroll to the section or week where you want your Zoom Meeting to be displayed.

Click Add an activity or resource and pick Zoom meeting.

Step 2: Settings

2A: Naming

Provide a meaningful name for the meeting in the 'Topic' field.

You may also find it useful to add a 'Description' with instructions for students on how to participate during the Zoom Meeting.

2B: Timing

Use When to set an opening time – make this earlier (at least 5 minutes) than the start of the meeting so students have time to join and familiarise themselves with the tool. They will need to download the Zoom app unless they just use the browser version.

2C: Duration

Decide how long the room should be open for – make sure it includes some time at the beginning and also allows for a flexible finish time if necessary.  

2D: Recurring meeting

Select 'Recurring' if your lectures will regularly happen using Zoom Meetings. 

Note: The Webinar option is not available for all at this point in time.

Step 3: Controls

The default settings and controls are recommended until you become form familiar with Zoom.

3A: Password

Set a password if you wish.  Just remember to inform your students of the password through your usual communication method.

3B: Hosting

As the lecturer, you are considered as the 'Host' in Zoom.  The default settings are that the Host Video is on when the meeting starts.

You can change this to 'off' if you wish.

3C: Participants

Your students are considered as 'Participants' in Zoom.  The default settings are that Participants Video is on when the meeting starts.

You have the option to turn their video off.  This may be useful if you have a large number of students.  

You can enable students to have their video on during the meeting if it is necessary.

3D: Audio

It is recommended to allow both audio options for flexibility. VOIP allows students to talk through their PCs. "Telephony" means that they will be provided with a telephone number to call to join, should they require it.

3E: Enable early joining

It is recommended that you enable participants to join before the host so they can overcome any technical difficulties and be ready for the meeting to start.

This may help to reduce any anxiety participants may have about having their lecture in a new format.

Now Save and Return to course.

Step 4: Running a Meeting in Zoom

Now that you have set up your Zoom Meeting with your customised settings, it's time to go live and start the Meeting with your students.

4A: Start a Meeting

To start the meeting, click the Moodle link and click the green button to Start meeting

4B: Open Zoom

Click 'Open Zoom' to Start the Meeting then you will have the option to show video and share slides with your students. 

4C: Ending a Meeting

If you, as the host, end a meeting before its scheduled finish, you are prompted as to whether you are leaving or ending the meeting for all and reminded of the need to appoint another host if the room is staying open. Click End Meeting for All if you are sure.

Step 5: Host and Attendee Controls

For support on how to use the full range of host and attendee controls, go to Seminars/Tutorials.

After consulting the guidance all staff support requests should be directed to, Extension 3770 (0141 548 3770 off-campus).


You may have up to 300 participants in Zoom meeting if you have a licensed account, otherwise it is 100 participants.

Screen Sharing in Zoom - Zoom allows for screen sharing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices running Zoom

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