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This page describes how to pull marks from a Myplace gradebook into the new marks return system.


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There are three methods for delivering marks to the marks return system:

  • uploading a .csv file with specified headings
  • pulling the marks from the Myplace gradebook
  • typing the marks directly into the screens

Below are instructions for delivering marks to the marks return system by pulling them from the associated Myplace gradebook.

titleEnsure you understand the system

Before you begin a marks return, please ensure you have thoroughly read Managing Returns and have performed each step in Preparation for a Return.

How to pull marks from the gradebook into the marks return system

Step 1 - Ensure you know which categories or activities contain the marks you need

A Myplace gradebook will contain activity marks (eg, the mark awarded for an essay) and category totals (eg, the class mark made up of all the coreectly weighted assessment elements). 

In the example on the right, there are activities and categories, both of which can hold marks.

The activities are:

  • Coursework
  • Exam
  • Attendance
  • Mark codes

The category totals are:

  • Summative total
  • Administrative total
  • Course total

It is vital that you know which activity or category total holds the class mark to be passed to the marks return system.

Step 2 - Check whether marking is finished

It is important to confirm with the relevant staff that all marking is complete, including moderation.

Step 3 - Check that there are no missing assessment marks

titleCheck that your totals are complete

Where you are pulling through a category total, you must ensure that there are no missing marks for any of the assessments that make up the total.  Myplace will still calculate a total if only some of the marks are present; however, it will not be the correct or final total.

titleUse the gradebook for rounding

To perform any kind of calculation, you must use the gradebook, and it's best to use the gradebook even for rounding. The marks return system will always round UP - so a mark of 59.1 will become 60.If you want standard rounding behaviour where 59.0 to 59.499... becomes 59, use the gradebook to round it off. Go to Gradebook setup, then Edit settings for the assignment. Click show more... under Grade item, and use the drop down to set Overall decimal points to 0the nearest integer.

You can check for missing assessment or activity marks in the Grader Report.  Each activity or category total has a column in the Grader Report.

The Grader Report can be accessed from the administration block on the right of the screen when you're on the class's main page.

In the Grader Report, check that all columns that contribute to the class total have marks.  In other words, there are no outstanding or incomplete assessment marks.

In the example on the right, the coursework and exam marks contribute to the class total which is held in the summative category column.

Sorting each assessment column from Lowest to Highest will help you identify any missing marks. You can do so by clicking twice on the (double arrow) symbol next to the assessment's name at the top of the column.  This will display the students with missing marks (if any) at the top of the list, followed by the rest of the students, with marks, sorted from lowest to highest.

In the example on the right, the Coursework column has been sorted lowest to highest and the two missing marks can be seen at the top.

Step 3 - Go to the marks return system

Log-in to Myplace

Click on Marks return admin in the 'Electronic marks return' block on the left of the screen.

Step 4 - Check whether a return has been started for the class

Check the marks return admin screen to see whether a return has already been started for the class.  You can do this by searching for the class code in the search boxes at the top.

If a return has been started, under Actions, select Edit.

If a return has not been started, select the class code from the dropdown list, and click Add new.  Then give the return a name (see Naming Conventions in Preparation for a Return) and click Save.

Step 5 - Choose the categories or activities that you wish to bring through

From the Actions tab at the bottom of the page, click on Settings.

You should now be able to view a list of the activities and category totals in the gradebook of the class's corresponding MyPlace site.

Select the activity or category total that you know contains the class total.  In the example on the right, this is the summative total.  Then click Save changes.

titleYou can select more than one set of marks

In addition to the activity or category total which contains the class total, you may bring through other marks.

Using the example on the right, you may wish to view the coursework and exam marks alongside the class totals to double-check that there are no missing marks which might render the total calculated incorrect.

You should now see the column appear in the class return page.

Step 6 - Send the marks to the final mark column

titleBrowser Warning

This feature will not work on Internet Explorer. We recommend the latest update of Google Chrome for working with marks return.

The selected column should now appear on the left of the Final mark column. By clicking on the  (green tick) on the right of the column name you will copy the marks from this column to the Final mark column.

You can also transfer the marks by clicking on them individually.

Step 7 - Copy the mark codes into the mark code column

You can enter the mark codes manually by selecting the relevant code from the drop-down menu on the right of the mark entry box.

If there is a mark code column in the gradebook, it can be pulled through in the same way marks columns can, for your reference.

Step 8 - Check and transfer

Check that you are happy with your marks return.

If you are ready to send it to the student record, click Save to save your work on the marks return system, and click Transfer to student records.  You can update or edit a marks return at any point up until the cut-off date/time, which is two hours before the exam board.

If you are not ready to send your return to the student record, click Save and then Close.

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