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This page will show you how to access the Grader Report where you can edit students grades


Table of Contents

If you are using this to enter marks it should be used for 'grade item' activities i.e. offline activities like exams. See Recording Exam Marks in Myplace for more information.  To upload marks from a spreadsheet to grade items please see Bulk Upload of Marks to Grade Items

It can also be used for quick editing of assignment marks, but to use the full interface available see Simple Direct Grading in a Myplace Assignment and Annotating an Assignment

Accessing the Grader Report

Step 1 - Go to your class and click the 'grade' button in the administration tab 

Step 2 - From the drop-down menu select Grader Report

Note: You may already be on this page, as it goes to whatever you last accessed within the 'Grades' sub-heading

Step 3 - Turn Editing On

This will allow you to edit grades

Grader Report Preferences 

The rest of this page presumes these preferences are set to the default as this effects how the Grader Report is displayed (i.e. the icons that are shown).

If you want to edit them, select 'Preferences Grader Report' from the drop-down

You will now be shown the show/hide toggles for the various features in the grader report and whether they are set to default.

For example you could add 'lock symbols' by changing the drop down to 'Yes'

If you wanted to remove one you would set it to 'No'

Grader Report Explained

With editing turned on you can now enter grades in the boxes provided. The grades should be saved in real-time so you should not have to click save changes (which is located at the bottom left) .

Any Gradebook categories will be shown, to make it easier to customise the view. Otherwise, just the class name will be displayed.

At the bottom averages for each piece of assessment is also shown.

Scroll to the right to see all assessments. Scroll down to see all students. 

Single view

Single view is accessed by the Single view for Essay icon for either an assessment item, a student or category total. Clicking this allows you to view and edit all grades for that student, assessment or total.

Single view for an assessment

Click the Single view for Essay icon and you will be taken to a page similar to the image second image

You can tick the override button to allow you to enter marks.

Single view for a student

Click the Single view for Essayicon and you will be taken to a page similar to the image second image. 

You can tick the override button to allow you to enter marks.

Settings button

The Edit grade button allows you to edit settings for that assignment or category.

You can also click the Edit grade beside a mark and you will be taken to the next settings page which allows you to edit, exclude, hide, lock or add feedback if needed. 

Grades button

The Grades for Test Firefox 1 button allows you to see how a student would view their Gradebook calculation

Editing the View

If the Change to aggregates only is shown (as in image to the right) then the view for that category is on 'full view' which has assessment marks and category totals. 

Click it to go to minimised view which just shows total, with the Change to grades only icon

Click Change to grades only to get just the assessment mark, which will now show the Change to full view icon

Click the Change to full view icon to go back to full view

Sorting results

The Sort in descending orderImage Added icon beside an assessment will allow you to sort grades by ascending or descending

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