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This article refers to when you wish to make changes on behalf of other staff members to the Class Catalogue

Note:  Departmental Administrators often have access to maintain changes on behalf of a department (e.g. A nominated member of staff can manage class roles and responsibilities such as a Lecturer, Organiser, Electronic Mark Return etc. for their department) 

Note: If the class you are adding another staff member or yourself to has no staff assigned to it and does not already exist in myplace; it will not appear in myplace until after 10:15am the following day. The list of classes that should have a Myplace site is only generated once every 24hours. If the class has had staff assigned to it in the past but these have been removed then the class should already exist in Myplace.

This article contains:

  • Method of making change
  • Links and Information (Pegasus and Business Team Support)

Method of making change 

In Pegasus, Click on Student Experience Tab and then Roles and Responsibility Maintenance Link.  

Note: If you do not have access to the Roles and Responsibility Maintenance link in Pegasus, you can request access via steps below:

  • Login to Pegasus
  • Click on the Administration Tab
  • Click on Information Technology Services
  • Click Request Pegasus Services  

Links and Information (Pegasus and Business Team Support) 

Pegasus can be accessed via 

Class Catalogue can be accessed via

For information on the service provided by Student Experience please see link Student Experience Services

Please contact the Student Business Team if you require further information on the Pegaus fucntions.







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