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This support page describes how to manage resubmissions and resits in terms of marks return.


Table of Contents

Step 1 - Collect the resit marks

The gradebook can be set up as described in Resits in the Gradebook. if you are pulling marks directly from Myplace. Otherwise, a csv file of marks should be prepared as described in Return marks by file upload. If there are very few marks to return, you may prefer to enter them manually, as described in Manually adding Marks to Marks Return.

Step 2 - Create a new marks return

Follow the steps in Create a New Marks Return, but take care to follow your department or school's naming guidelines so that it is clear from the marks return title that this is a resubmission or resit.

The Student Filter can be used to limit the display to the specified students:

  • All Students
  • With an approved passing grade - An exam board has met and officially recorded as passing grade.
  • Without an approved passing grade - This would normally be the students expected to resit (for example: an exam board has met and recorded a non-passing grade, or no grade was recorded against a given attempt, etc).

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Step 3 - Transfer the resit marks to the new marks return

You can follow the rest of Return marks by file upload if you want to use that method.

As mentioned in Step 1, if there are very few marks to return, you may prefer to use Manually adding Marks to Marks Return.

Step 4 - Send the resit marks return to the resit exam board

When you are happy with your marks return, click Transfer to student records.

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