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A general introduction to visibility, and how to control the visibility of various parts of Myplace. Also known as "Students can't see their grades".

You can use the matrix on Relationship between Activity & Grade Visibility to see what effect a change to either activity or grade visibility will have on the students ability to see their grades.

Visibility overview

Visibility of the whole class

As a class admin or tutor, you have a great deal of control over when and how the elements of the class are visible to students. You will have noticed the red or green ‘Class Open’ and ‘Guest Access’ switches in the Quick Settings block, which control whether the whole class is open or closed to students, or can be seen and browsed.

Visibility of topics and activities

As a class creator, you may have noticed the Hide and Show ‘eye-cons’ which allow you to hide individual items or whole topics, even from an active class, until you are ready to reveal them.

Stealth activities

In addition to the simple "Show/Hide" option, an activity's visibility may also have be set to "Make available but not shown on course" option.

This is set via the Activity's Edit Settings option, and will cause the activity to be hidden (to students) on the course page, however linking directly the the activity's URL will allow the activity to be seen.

These are Stealth Activities, and they can be access even if the topic containing them is marked as hidden, if URL is known.

Visibility of grades

Visibility also plays an important role in grading and the gradebook. Myplace enables you to manage grade release in a controlled way.  Read the Controlling student access to grades using the gradebook article.


Blind marking will also prevent grades appearing in the grade book. Remember Reveal Student Identities in assignments once the marking has been completed!

Quick Checklist


Here's a quick check list to go through.

  1. Is the activity visible to the students?
  2. Has the activity been marked?
  3. Has blind marking been lifted?
  4. Is marking workflow being used?
    1. Have marks been "Released"?
  5. Is the Grade item visible?
  6. Are the student grade values visible?

If you answered No to any of the above then students will not be able to see their grades.

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