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Step 1

  • From the 'Front page settings' drop-down menu at the top right side of the page, there is an option to 'Turn editing on'.

Step 2

  • To create a new class click Add a new class.

Step 3

  • You must add a name to the Class full name. The full name of the class is displayed at the top of each page in the class and in the list of classes.

  • Then, add a name to the Course short name. The short name of the course is displayed in the navigation and is used in the subject line of course email messages.

  • You should select the category that the class will be created in. This setting determines the category in which the class will appear in the list of classes.

  • Choose a Class start date. This setting determines the start of the first week for a course in a weekly format and also the earliest date that logs of course activities are available.

If the course is reset and the course start date changed, all dates in the course will be moved in relation to the new start date.

  • In order to choose a course end date, you need to Enable the setting. When the end date is passed, the course is no longer listed in the navigation and is listed as past in the course overview.

Users can still enter the course after the end date. I other works the date does not restrict access.

  • Enter the Class ID number if the class has an official code name, otherwise, the field can be left blank.

Step 4

  • Click Save and display.

Step 5

  • Once you save your class a new window will be shown. In order to add content to your class click Proceed to course content at the bottom of the page.