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This guide will explain the process of recording your screen on Microsoft Stream.


If you plan to edit your screen recording video in a Video Editing programme, you should use Microsoft PowerPoint Screen Recorder function rather than MS Stream.

This is because MS Stream records your video in WebM file type which is not an accepted file type by many free editing programmes.

Guidance for using PowerPoint Screen Recording: 5. Recording Screen Capture (Microsoft PowerPoint - free platform)

From the Steam homepage, click Create > Record Screen

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The "Record your screen" window will pop up.

At the bottom left side of the window, you can select your input camera and microphone. Check you are using the correct input sources.

When you are ready to record, click the red circle in the middle of the window.

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A new window will appear so you can choose what to record.

As with Zoom Screen Share, if you have multiple screens to choose from you can select from here.

You can also click to Application Window to choose a single programme window to record rather than your full screen.

When you are ready, click Share.

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Your recording will begin after a countdown.

You can now present your video. If you have a camera enabled it will record this in the bottom right of the screen.

You can pause the recording at any time by clicking the pause button the middle of the window. Remember to click play to resume recording when you are ready to continue.

When you are finished, click Next on the right side of the window. This will stop your recording and move you to the next section.

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After clicking Next you can play the video to review your recording.

You can click the left side to Record Again if you want to re-record your video. This will remove your current recording and you must start again.

If you are happy with your video click Upload to Stream.

A new window will appear allowing you to fill in details for the video. You must fill in appropriate and relevant details. Find out more information about this here:

1. Uploading Video To Microsoft Stream#1.UploadingVideoToMicrosoftStream-8.UploadingProperties

You can Publish your video and it will go live on Stream immediately.

You can Save as draft and your recording will save in your video list (My Content > Videos) so you can edit the details later.

You can also Save video file, which will download this video to your PC. This file saves as WebM format, which is not an accepted file format in many editing programmes. 

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