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After you have clicked on 'New Video Project' the software will open up and first of all it will ask you to name your video. It's a good idea to give your video a unique name, including your class code, so you can organise your videos once they have been edited.

The Editor Window

Once you have names your video, you need to familiarise yourself with the format of software window. For those who have used video editing software before, this should be pretty straightforward, for those who haven't this is a very basic setup so wont be too difficult to get to grips with.


Speed - Allows you to change the speed of the selected video clip

Importing your Video

Now you are familiar with the software interface. You will want to import your video files. Video editor can accept most types of video file, whether you are using video you've recorded yourself on your webcam or mobile phone, or videos exported from 


Your video clip should now be in the Project Libray as pictured below. You can repeat this process if you need to add additional files to your video. For example if you want to edit together two video clips into one.

Trimming your clip

Once you have your video clip added to the Project. The first thing you will want to do is trim off the start and end so to cut out any extra footage you don't want to see in the video. For example, if there is a bit of video of you turning the camera on or walking into shot at the beginning, or the opposite at the end.


Now if you play back your clip it will exclude the grey areas on the timeline. Once you are happy with where your trim marks are click on Done, and you will be returned to the main project page with a newly trimmed clip.

Splitting a clip

You might find that you don't want to just trim a clip, but split a clip in two. For instance you might have a single video you want to split into two invididual videos for different classes or different parts of clips.


If you wish to remove one of the clips, make sure you select the appropriate clip (With the line underneath) and click on the Trash icon, (Pictured below)

Adding a Title and Outro

One thing we might want to do before exporting, is to give our videos a little bit of polish before exporting. You might find you want to include a title for your video before it starts.


Now we can drag the second video file, the one titled University of Strathclyde down onto the Storyboard after your video clip to give your video an outro animation.

Exporting your Video

Once you have edited your video and are happy with it, you will need to export it from Video Editor so you can upload to MS Stream.