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This support page describes how to grade an assignment and, if you wish, add feedback, and notify the student.

Step-by-step guide

1) Click on the link for the assignment you want to grade.

Click on any image below to enlarge

2) From the next page click on 'View/Grade all submissions'

3) Choose which submission you want to grade and click on the  icon next to that submission. 

4) On the next page enter a grade in the appropriate box.

5) Enter feedback comments in the appropriate box if you want to provide feedback as inline text in the assignment for students. 

6) Or you can provide feedback by dragging and dropping a feedback document into the box below. 

7) If you wish to notify students that their submission has been graded, select ‘Notify students’ – ‘Yes’ or select 'No' if you don't.

titleNotify students setting

The default setting for 'Notify students' was previously set to 'yes'.  All assignments created from 14 September 2019 onwards will have the default setting as 'no'.  For assignments created before 14 September, it is recommended that you change the default setting for 'Notify students' to 'no' from within the assignment settings.  This will save you selecting 'no' each time and allow you to release the grades all at the same time.

8) Finally, click ‘Save Changes’. Or, if you have multiple submissions to grade you can click ‘ Save and show next’.

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