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To get the best effect from the Myplace Advertising facility you should design your advert's graphic appropriately. This article sets out some guidelines to get the best results.

The dimensions of your graphic, screen resolution and the device displaying the advert all affect the final display

For the best effect you should create an image that is either:

  • 500px x 500px 


  • 500px x 200px

These are illustrated to the right, with the shaded area indicating the image area.

The focal point of the image should be position so that it sits within the dashed area in the center of each template. This area is approximately 200px by 200px

This will ensure that the the most interesting part of the image is displayed when the advert is displayed on different devices and screen resolutions.


The focal area is a guideline only. You cannot rely that the area indicated by the dashed area will be completely displayed, especially at the borders.


Square Dimensions: 600px by 600px


Rectangular Dimensions: 600px by 200px


Given the advert graphic on the right, the following show how this image may be displayed when the advert appears in 1) Square form and 2) Rectangular form

Advert Graphic

Square Form

The schematic shows the focal area is kept centered when displayed, and the whole image is adjusted to fit within the bounds of the advert format.

Square Advert form

Square Advert Schematic

Rectangular Form

The focal area is kept centered, with the areas to each side displayed as required by the width of the advert's area.

Rectangular Advert Form

Rectangular Advert Schematic