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About the My Coursework block

The 'My Coursework' block allows you to see any upcoming assignments that are due for classes you are enrolled on. It is designed to keep you informed on what needs to be done for each of your registered classes.

How it works and where to find it

The block will appear usually at the right hand side of your Myplace screen depending on your customisation of you page. In the block it will display the assignment details plus the date and time when the assignment is due. It will also display, by way of the "traffic light" system, the status of your coursework within each class. Please see below for an example of this.

Red - Overdue

Yellow - Due Soon (less than 2 weeks)

If you click on the My Coursework block link at the bottom of this block, you will be presented with a full page layout of all the assignments giving details on when they are due and their status.