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When using Google Docs to submit an assignment to Myplace

Step-by-step guide

1) Go to the assignment you need to make your submission to.

2) Click the 'Add a file' icon highlighted in red. 

3) Click on the Google Docs icon and you will be prompted to login. Click Login to your account. 


4) Login to your account

5) Click on the file you want to upload. 

If you are submitting to an assignment that uses Turnitin, please be aware of the file types Turnitin accepts. If you create your document within Google Docs, when you try to upload it you will see it has the suffix .rtf. This is an accepted file type for Turnitin and will go through ok.

From Google Docs, it's also possible to convert your document to MS Word format if you want to download it to your PC and submit to Myplace by 'Drag and Drop'.

* If you try to upload a file with the extension '.gdoc' this is not an accepted file type and will be rejected by Turnitin, even though it has been accepted by Myplace.

6) Click Select this file

7) Click the submission agreement tickbox, then save changes and you're done.