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This page describes how to use the grading worksheet to collect and submit marking done away from Myplace.

Simple Direct Grading Only

This will only work if you are using Simple Direct Grading and not an advanced grading method such as marking guide or rubric!

Download the grading worksheet

Step 1 - Navigate to the assignment

Click on the assignment either on the front page of your class, or in the left Navigation block. Then click on View all submissions.

Step 2 - Select the grading action

From the drop-down menu at the top of the page, select download grading worksheet. Save the worksheet somewhere convenient on your computer.

Working with Excel

Step 1 - Open the file and fill in grades and feedback

Double click the file from where you have saved it on your computer. For almost all work computers it will open in excel. If you do not have excel there are free programs available online to view and edit csv files.

Input the students grades. Here the assignment is anonymous - if it is not, you will see the student names instead.

You can input feedback comments here too, if they are enabled for this assignment.

Step 2 - Save the file as a comma separated value (csv) file

Take care when saving the file - excel wants to add formatting to it that we don't need. First of all, select Save As.

Drop down the Save as type menu and select CSV (Comma delimited).

Overwrite the CSV you downloaded with the same filename.

Excel will warn you that you are losing some advanced spreadsheet features. Click Yes.

You can now close excel (you don't have to save again).

Returning your grades to the assignment

Step 1 - Select the grading action

Back on the assignment page in Myplace, drop down the menu and select Upload grading worksheet.

Step 2 - Drag the worksheet into the box

You can either click and navigate to the marked CSV file, or simply drag it into the box. Click Upload grading worksheet when the box contains the filename of your CSV file.

Step 3 - Confirm changes

Myplace will ask you to confirm the changes the worksheet contains. Click Confirm if this is all correct.

You will see a final confirmation page - click continue and you are finished.

Step 4 - Check on the assignment page

The grades can now be seen on the assignment page, and corrected or supplemented further if required.

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