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Please note that the most effective way of presenting video from Zoom with captions is by embedding a Zoom link to the recording. You can find instructions on how to embed a Zoom video-link on Myplace here.

1) After editing an Audio Transcript on Zoom to make the appropriate corrections, download the audio transcript file by clicking on the link in Zoom. 

2) In Google Chrome you can find the file by clicking on the arrow highlighted in red in the image and clicking 'show in folder'. In other browsers or systems it might appear differently but you can find it in the usual place where fields are downloaded in your PC. 

3) The audio transcript created by Zoom will be in the VTT file format (the file suffix will be .vtt). 

eStream only accepts SRT file format (the file suffix will be .srt) so you will have to convert the VTT file into an SRT file. 

4) There are several free online sites that will do this conversion for you. Google search 'convert VTT to SRT' and choose the first site you find which will give instructions on how to convert. You should find the converted file in the same download folder as the original VTT file. 

5) Upload your video to eStream or Login to eStream and search for the video you have uploaded. 

6) Under your video there will be a number of buttons which you can use to edit various elements of your video. 

Look for  and click it. 

7) Click 'Upload subtitles file (.srt)'

8) Double click the SRT file

9) Then you will see your subtitle file has been uploaded and you can click Close. 

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