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This support page describes how to add multiple feedback files to Myplace all at once, rather than one at a time.

Step-by-step Guide: Procedure for uploading feedback files (as .zip file) 

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1) Create your zip file using your feedback files. If you don't know how, see create a zip for more information. Each file should have the prefixed file name: participant_participantID_assignsubmission_file_chooseyourfeedbacktitle. So an example would be participant_1254504_assignsubmission_file_feedback.

One way of achieving this is to 'download all submissions' which downloads as a zip file and then going into each document and removing the submission text and replacing it with the feedback, then renaming the last part of the title as required (or you can just keep it with the same name as the students submission).

Make sure that you create a .zip file and not a .rar file which is similar. Double check that all your files are named correctly. These are 2 common ways that the upload is unsuccessful giving the message 'no changes'.

2) Select 'Upload multiple feedback files in a zip option from the Grading action drop-down menu

3) Either choose file or drag and drop your .zip file into the highlighted area, then click 'Import feedback file(s)'

4) When successful you should see a list of 'modified feedback files'. Click confirm and the files will upload to the assignment. 

5) You will then be able to see and access the feedback files in View/Grade all submissions and the students will have access when the assignment is made available to them.