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Students taking online assessments should ensure that their equipment, connection, and location are as suitable as is practical. The following recommendations should be followed to limit the risk of technical issues and interruption to the assessment.

When doing an online assessment:

  1. In advance of the assessment, ensure that your “DS” username and password operate correctly. This should be done in the days before your assessment submission, during the working day when support can be provided ( If there any issues, contact the IT Helpdesk –

  2. Use a wired connection if one is available. Try to be as close to the wifi router as possible, and ideally in the same room.

  3. If possible, avoid using a mobile device or tablet to do an online assessment.

  4. Shut down any programs or apps running on your device which are not necessary for the assessment eg messengers, cloud apps. It is recommended that you do not sign out of Office 365/OneDrive as this provides background saving of some document types.

  5. Request that any other people using the same internet connection pause their use of it, especially for gaming or video streaming.

  6. If you are using a laptop, ensure that the battery is charged and, if possible, remains plugged in to mains electricity.

  7. If your assessment requires answers to be typed in, for example Word, ensure that the document is saved regularly.

  8. If completion or submission of an online assessment is not restricted to a specific time period e.g. a quiz “from 10am-12pm on Tuesday 12th”, it is strongly recommended that this is done during working hours when technical support can be provided ( If any technical issues occur whilst undertaking your assessment, contact the IT Helpdesk –