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Myplace class sites can get their students from a range of different sources, and their status on these source systems can impact whether or not they appear in Myplace.

A common symptom is that you will see in the Class Participants view and the Class Administration > Users > Enrolled users page, students appearing as Suspended:

This happens when the student was enrolled on the class from a particular source, but not longer appears on the list of students.

In order to preserve any work that a student may have done (as it could be a temporary situation), we do not remove the student's enrolment as this would remove all of their content, and we suspend them instead.

Below is a list of common reasons for students appearing as suspended.

In almost all of these cases PEGASUS' Student Enquiry view should be checked to see the current status of the affected student.

If you need to access a Suspended Student's submission see What should I do if I cannot see a student's submission within an assignment submission list?

Common Reasons

Class no longer appears on Student's Curriculum

If class was on a student's curriculum but is removed, the student will be shown as suspended.

This may be due to:

  • Student dropping the class
  • Class has been closed and students moved to an alternate class code

PEGASUS should be checked to see if their curriculum is up to date.

User is not yet a student

In order to access Myplace a user must be a student at the University. This means that they should have:

  • joined a course at the University, and progressed through the process to the valid-to-register status. (this can be verified via PEGASUS' Student Enquiry).
  • must have a University issues user name and password
  • completed any subject choices necessary & have these actioned by relevant Advisor of Studies.

In this scenario, the correction must be made to the student record to bring them into the correct status.

Time limited enrolment

A time limit can be specified on some enrolments, and once this elapses, the enrolment will automatically become Suspended.

For manual enrolments that have been made by staff on the course the gear icon next to the enrolment's status can be used to access the details of the enrolment and the end date updated or removed as appropriate.

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