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What's the difference between Calculated Weight and Contribution to course total??"
How can I check if students can see an assignments' grade and feedback?
What happens in Myplace when a student goes in to Voluntary Suspension
How Can I Take Attendance?
How do I "fix" an incorrect question?
Student Appears as Suspended in Myplace Class
Error: Results have been assigned to an exam board meeting, but a one was sent from VLE
Error: Results have been assigned to an exam board meeting, but one was not sent from VLE
Error: "A result has been entered directly onto the Student Record, mark cannot be accepted"
Duplicate Registration Numbers found when uploading to gradebook
When I search for a class code it displays "Nothing to Display"
I can't find my class code in marks return
I can't see any submissions to grade
Can I batch returns for a class code without the original grades becoming a second attempt?
Microsoft Stream FAQ
Do Students get Zoom Accounts?
No compatible source was found for this media
How do I pre-assign Myplace Groups in Zoom
How can I share a Zoom meeting with 2 different Class Codes?
How can I return EX code classes?
What should I do if I cannot see a student's submission within an assignment submission list?
Marks Return FAQs
Error: 'Exception - Argument 3 passed to gradereport...'
Marks return upload fails with 'Coding error detected...'
Do you have information about online exam boards?
A second marks return has been created where only one is needed
Can I give extra time to a quiz that is in progress?
One of my marks returns has a triangle instead of the green tick
How can I see the visibility of grade items easily?
I can't return a mark as there is a padlock
The search box in marks return doesn't find my return
The marks return Validation Report is unreadable
My marks return shows a cross when it has been transferred
In marks return, the green tick doesn't work
How do I remove or replace a mark that's been transferred to student records?
Error: 'You do not have access to the gradebook for this class, so are unable to configure gradebook columns.'
Error: 'RUL Code does not exist'
An MSc dissertation student is missing from the marks return class list
A student is on my marks return who I know has taken Voluntary Withdrawal
How long are Myplace Sessions?
How do I log out of Myplace?
How do I give group marks but my assignment is in individual submission mode?
Why can't I create a site?
Copyright Information
Duplicate Registration Numbers Found
I have received the following error: "Privacy Error: You connection is not private (NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID)"
Some of my embedded content from other sites doesn't show in Myplace. Why not?
My banner image doesn't cover the full available width on the screen
I've received a TurnitinUK Paper View Request
I can't see any of the editing buttons on my Myplace class
How do I find classes that I am eligible to enrol onto?
How can I view Myplace using 'incognito' or 'private browsing' to see what my page looks like?
How can I set up and adjust the email notifications on my profile?
My class list is incorrect
I receive a 'Loading Error' message on Safari when I try to use Turnitin. What should I do?
I can't seem to view my originality report, but I have already submitted my assignment
Some Students do not appear in the Offline Grading Worksheet, what should I do?

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