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This page describes how to round off your results in the gradebook.

Marks Return Rounds to the nearest integer

The default behaviour of the marks return interface is to always round to the nearest integer, so 59.1 becomes 59, and 59.5 becomes 60. If this is not your policy, you should round off your marks in the gradebook prior to pulling through to marks return.

Rounding all fractions up or down in the gradebook

Step 1 - Go to the gradebook setup

Go to gradebook setup either from Grade administration (pictured), Class administration, or the drop-down on any of the Grades pages.

Step 2 - Find the category to round off

In this case we will round off the Summative category, which holds the final mark we want to return.

Avoid rounding errors

Always round off as a last step to avoid introducing rounding errors.

Step 3 - Edit calculation

Instead of editing the settings at the category title at the top of the category, edit the calculation at the category score at the bottom.

Step 4 - Build your calculation

Build your grade calculation. More information can be found on the Using Grade Calculations page.

It addition to the weightings calculation, you can use:

  • ceil( calculation ) to always round calculation up
  • floor( calculation ) to always round calculation down

Rounding to the nearest integer in the gradebook

You may want to show the rounded mark in the gradebook.

This is how to change the way the mark is displayed on the gradebook, the accuracy remains the same.

Follow steps 1 and 2 above

Find the last step of your marks calculation. This may be a single mark or a weighed average. Again, we will consider the most common case, a category.

Step 3 - Edit settings

Click edit, then edit settings.

Step 4 - Show more

In the Category total, click show more. If you are rounding an individual grade item, click 'show more...' under Grade item.

Step 5 - Overall decimal points

Scroll down to the 'Overall decimal points' setting.

Step 6 - Drop down and edit

Drop down the menu and select 0 to round to the nearest integer.

Step 7 - Save changes

Overall decimal points will now show 0. Save your changes.

Step 8 - Check the gradebook

The total will now be an integer, rather than '100.00'.

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