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This support page describes how to take the copy of your class from your hard drive and put it back up on Myplace.

When you want to restore class content from a .mbz backup file you have created.

Step-by-step guide

1) Click on restore in the administration block

Click on image below to enlarge

2) Upload your backup file to the upload area and click 'Restore'.

You can backup any class in Myplace which will create a file with the extension .mbz. This is the file you need to upload in this area.

3) You will move to a screen that asks you to confirm the changes. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Continue'

4) You will be given 3 sets of options. 

a) Restore as a new class - you can select a category and create a completely new class (only available for certain roles which allow class creation)

b) Restore into this course - 'This course' meaning the course you were in when you clicked 'Restore' . You have 2 options here:

i) 'Merge' - will input the new content into the same section they are in in the backup but leaving all existing content

ii) Delete the contents and restore - will do exactly that. Delete all current content and replace with the content held in the backup

c) Restore into an existing course - This gives the same options as above but allows you to choose another course to restore into.

5) When you have made your choices click continue in the appropriate section

(for this example I will be choosing Restore into this course - Delete the contents and then restore)

6) You are then given a number of settings which you can choose to include or exclude (generally it's best just to leave these as is). Then click Next.

7) You are given the chance to change other settings, including removing sections, again generally you would not change these unless you had a specific reason to. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Next'

8) There is a final confirmation screen to show what you have chosen to restore, scroll to the bottom and click 'Perform Restore' 

9) You'll see a progress bar and when it's finished, click 'Continue' which will take you top your restored class.