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This page describes how to add resit exams to the gradebook.

Configuring the Gradebook for the Resits

Step 1 - Go to Gradebook Setup

Step 2 - Create a category for each assessment that has a resit

Click the add category name

Step 3 - Set the aggregation to highest grade

Name the category and set aggregation to highest grade so that the highest grade of the two is selected. Click save changes

Step 4 - Select the relevant assessment and resit

Select the check boxes beside the assessments 

Step 5 - Move them to the relevant category you created

Use the drop down box at the bottom left of the page

Step 5 - Hide the category

To stop students seeing grades before you are ready, ese the edit button to the right of the category and click hide. Ensure the category total is also hidden. For more information please see Visibility - how it works and what it means

Step 6 - Repeat for any other assessments 

Your gradebook will look similar to this

Excluding Grades Using the Grader Report

It is possible that the resit mark is lower than the mark from the first sitting, in which case the gradebook (as set up above) will select the first sitting instead.

This method allows you to exclude the first mark from consideration, which for these gradebooks will force the resit mark to be the one returned.

Step 1 - Navigate to the grader report

Select the 'grades' button from the administration tab

OR choose grader report from the dropdown

Step 2 - Sort by resit grade 

Click the arrow button beside the resit exam activity. This will order the class by resit score and allow you to see the students who have sat the resit all in one place

Step 3 - Turn editing on

Step 4 - Edit the student's grades

Find the students grade you want to exclude and select the Edit grade button to the left of it 

Step 5 - Exclude their grade

Select the checkbox beside 'excluded'. Then click save changes at the bottom.

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