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This page discusses some steps you need to complete or consider prior to performing a marks return.


An infographic is available for you to download which sets out the steps for preparing for marks return.  The steps it contains are also explained below.

Check you have permission to return marks for the class

The new marks return system will only allow you to return marks for a class if you have the 'Electronic Marks Returner' role for that class.

Electronic Marks Returner role

This role can be assigned in Pegasus by whoever has the Class Manager role.

For University-wide class codes (e.g. EX codes), the Electronic Marks Returner role can be assigned by Student Business.

Ensure all relevant students are registered on the class

The list of students you see in a marks return screen is a list of all the students who are registered on the class.  It is not controlled by the students who are enrolled on the Myplace site.  Therefore, any missing students will need to be formally registered for the class using the usual porcesses before a mark can be returned for them.

Manually adding students to a return

It is not possible to manually add students to a marks return.  They must be added by Student Business.

Agree a naming convention

The marks return system stores a record of all marks returns in any given academic year.  To help you easily distinguish between returns made to summer boards rather than resit boards, you are required to give each return a title.

Remember: there should only be one return per student attempt (see the article Managing Returns) and there may be more than one person working on a return so it is very important that it is named in a way that is clear to everyone.

Agree a naming convention

We strongly recommend that each Department/School agrees a naming convention to provide consistency and ease of reference for all staff.

Determine the method for entering marks

The marks return system will accept marks via three different methods:

Check the academic year

Myplace rolls over in August every year.  To return marks for a previous academic year (this is most likely to happen during the resit diet), simple log-in to the Myplace instance for the previous academic year, eg,

Check for an existing return

As discussed in Managing Returns, it is important to create only one return per student attempt.  Therefore, you should always check to see whether a return has already been started for the class and exam board in question before creating a new one.

You can check by entering the class code in the text search box at the top of the admin page (shown in red on the left).  There is more information on the search box in the article on the two main marks return screens and also in each set of instructions for entering marks.

Marks codes

The student record system will only accept four mark codes via a marks return.  All other codes must be taken to the exam board in person.  The accepted codes are:

  • Absent - ABS
  • Exempt from Final Assessment - EX
  • Extension - EN
  • Fail Overall - FO