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This page gives an overview of the three methods for returning marks to the student record system using the marks return system.

Brief overview

Marks return is the process of sending unapproved marks to the student record system in preparation for exam boards and communication to students through Pegasus.

A new Marks Return System is being implemented in 2019.  This is as a result of the VAX Student Record System being retired in 2019.  The new Marks Return System will transfer marks to the new Oracle Student Record System.

The new Marks Return System is homed within Myplace (the University's VLE).  It is a staging post between inputted marks and the Student Record System. Marks that are entered into the Marks Return System using either of the three methods (listed below) become available for review. This allows for error-checking before sending them to the Student Record System. 

Driven by the Core Student Record

Almost all the data in the Marks Return System comes from the Student Record System so it is possibly more helpful to not to consider it part of Myplace.  The student details in a class return are drawn from the Student Record System; the class return is a list of all the students who have officially registered for the class and who are therefore eligible to receive a mark for the class.  Students cannot be added manually to a marks return - once they have followed the proper processes for registering for the class, they will appear on the return.

Three methods for returning marks

There are three methods for delivering marks to the marks return system:

The methods vary in their efficiency and effectiveness depending on the business processes in the faculties and departments across University. The most suitable method for delivering marks to the marks return system should be chosen on the basis of your department's processes and available resources.

Two screens in the Marks Return System

There are two main screens in the marks return system:

  • Admin screen
  • Class return screen

Guidance on their function and components is provided in the Marks Return system - the two main screens article.