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This support page describes how to move sections around, rearranging the order your topics appear on the screen.

Moving a Section

This is also the same process for moving and activity or resource

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1) Left click on the  icon next to the MindGenius section name and hold it to drag it down to relocate the whole section under the 'Advanced Spreadsheet' section. 

2) Drag it down until the Advanced Spreadsheets section appears above it, then release the mouse button to drop it there. 

If you have a large class with many sections, you might find the 'drag and drop' method pretty slow and laborious as you have to hold the section/activity/resource at the top or bottom of the screen and wait for the screen to slowly scroll up or down.

There is an alternative method for moving sections/activities/resources which is click a single click on the icon and a pop-up menu will appear. Click on the section you want it to appear under;

Please note then when moving items around in class, you must refresh the class page to see a true representation of what it will look like. It's possible occasionally for you to see titles mixed up until you refresh the class page which you can do by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.

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