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The default text editor in Myplace is the ATTO editor, built specifically for Moodle. Below is a brief explanation of the buttons with a link to detailed instructions on how to use the ATTO text editor


1. Expand2. Style 3. Bold 


5. Bulleted list6. Numbered list7. Add link


9Add image

10Add media

11Manage embedded files

You will only see the 2nd row of buttons after you click the 'Expand' button.

1. Underline2. Strikethrough3. Subscript4. Superscript5. Align left6. Align centre7. Align right8. Increase indent9. Decrease indent
10. Equation editor11. Special character12. Table13. Clear formatting14. Undo/redo15. Undo/redo16. Accessibility checker17. Screenreader helper18. HTML/code view

Please see ATTO Text Editor for detailed instructions on how to use these functions. 

ATTO Text Editor