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This page contains guidelines concerning the moderation of public adverts.

Please read before submitting a public advert to Myplace

In order to prevent confusion we have provided this statement to outline the guidelines under which adverts will be moderated.

What Public Myplace Advert are for:

  • To publicise University held or endorsed events.
  • To publicise Student Welfare events, awareness campaigns and public safety information messages.
  • To publicise StrathUnion events & awareness campaigns.

What Public Myplace adverts are not for:

  • To publicise events or awareness campaigns for 3rd party organisations.
  • To publicise commercial events, awareness campaigns or products.
  • To directly publicise Student Society events or awareness campaigns (these should be advertised via StrathUnion's site).

Special consideration should be made for any advert that relates to activities such as elections, to ensure that any Myplace advert does not give any undue bias, endorsement or imply support for any particular party involved.

The Moderation Process

Shortly after submitting a public advert for moderation to the Myplace team, we will be able to view the advert and take the appropriate action. We may contact you to resubmit your advert with some details adjusted e.g. spelling, grammar, a problem with the image or linked url and/or possible copyright infringement.

Technical support on the process for posting an advert can be found at the following page:

Posting an Advert

Support on the process for choosing or creating a suitable image can be found here


Please note, these guidelines only apply to posting a public Myplace advert and strict adherence to these guidelines is required partially (but not entirely) because the advert is publicly available and may be viewed by external parties as an endorsement of the content posted. As a staff member you have the permissions within Myplace to target an advert to specific student cohorts related to the classes you hold a staff role in. Please be aware that any targeted (i.e. not public) advert you post in this way is not moderated by the Myplace team and is published directly. The staff member posting it retains full responsibility/liability for any message posted in this way.


Academic and administrative members of staff at Strathclyde University have the option to submit an advert-type notice via Myplace to a public audience. These adverts are moderated before they appear on the front page of Myplace which appears before  and after login, so in effect to the general public.

Myplace homepage mockup showing where ads are appearing