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Marking workflow enables staff to communicate the marking status of each student submission as: not marked, in marking, marking completed, in review, ready for release, or released.  This tool may be useful in situations where all submissions will have two full rounds of marking or if you wish to release the marks of some students but not others.

Marking workflow can only hold ONE mark!

It is important to note that although marking workflow can enable the communication of marking state between first and second markers, it can only hold one mark at a time.  Therefore, if a second marker enters a mark, it will overwrite the original mark awarded by the first marker.

Marking Workflow and Visibility

Step 1 - Set up marking workflow

To enable marking workflow, in the assignment settings, click to open the ‘Grade’ settings. Use the drop-down menu to change ‘Use marking workflow’ to ‘Yes’.

Step 2 - Mark and review as required

When you view a marking workflow assignment, you will see one of several marking stages in the grade column. Marking workflow provides intermediate stages which you can use to communicate to your colleagues which assignments are being marked, have been marked, are being reviewed and so on. You can read more about workflow in grade visibility marking workflow.

All of these stages are equivalent to anonymous marking from the point of view of visibility.

Step 3 - Ending the marking process and sending the results to the gradebook

Only once the status is ‘Released’ will the grade be released to the gradebook. Any prior stage will be held back from the gradebook, and therefore will not be visible to the student.

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