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This article will show you how to create, use and re-use a marking guide. 

Downloadable grading worksheets

If you use a marking guide, you will not be able to use a downloadable grading worksheet. Marking with reference to the guide has to be performed on Myplace.

Create a marking guide assignment activity

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Step 1 - Add the assignment activity

With editing turned on the class page, click Add an Activity or Resource on the page and choose Assignment activity from the list. If you have already created an assignment and wish to change the grading method to a marking guide, click on Edit > Edit Settings next to the assignment link to open the assignment's settings, then follow the instructions.

Step 2 - Make it a marking guide assignment

From the Grade > Grading method category, choose 'Marking Guide'. Click Save and display (at the bottom of the screen) to save the settings and enter the MyPlace Assignment.

Step 3 - Define the marking guide

Once this is done, MyPlace will take you to the Grading Method page for this assignment. 

If you are not automatically transferred to this page, note that it can also be accessed if you click on the Advanced Grading tab in the Administration menu, located on the bottom left side of the screen.

Step 4 - Choose a new guide or use a template

There you will be asked to either Define new grading form from scratch or Create a new grading form template. Unless you have an existing template that you want to use, click on Define new grading form from scratch.

Step 5 - Give the guide a name and description

The page you will be taken to is called Define marking guideIt is mandatory that you give your marking guide a Name, and you can also add a short Description.

Step 6 - Define the guide

In the Marking Guide section, you can click on the Click to edit buttons to add a Name, Description for Students or a Description for Markers for each criterion. The Maximum Score represents the maximum score that a student can achieve for this criterion. 

All the Maximum Marks in the Marking Guide are summarised to output the total maximum score. To help with calculations you make, a total score of 100 can be represented as 100%, but that is not a general rule. Higher or lower scores can still be represented as a percentage grade, when returned to students.

To add a new criterion, click on Add Criterion. This should open up a new tab with the same categories as above.

Here is an example of a completed section for one criterion...

Step 7 - (Option) define frequently used comments

In the Frequently used comments, you can add saved comments that can be used during the marking process. To edit this section press the Click to edit button.

If you would like to add more saved comments, click on the Add frequently used comment button, which will open another box underneath the first comment you have entered. 

Step 8 - Choose visibility and save your marking guide

Select the appropriate Marking guide options:

  • Show guide definition to students
  • Show marks per criterion to students

Once you have enabled these, and are happy with the progress you have made, you can either Save marking guide and make it ready (if you consider it being completed and ready for publication) or Save as draft (if you would like to save it and return to it at a later stage).

The next page will show your marking guide input, with it labelled Ready to Use next to the name at the top.

Use the marking guide to mark student submissions

Step 1 - View the student submissions

After the deadline when all student submissions have been made, click on the assignment from the front page of your class or the navigation sidebar, then click View all submissions

Step 2 - Open an assignment for grading

If you have received submissions on this assignment, and have previously enabled Anonymous marking, the submissions section will look somewhat similar to this (left). Click on the Grade button (in the Grade column) next to any assignment to access the Grading screen.

Step 3 - Mark the assignment

The following screen will display the student's submitted work, with a navigational bar on the right-hand side that will display the criterion, previously entered in the marking guide, their descriptions and a box that enables you to provide a score for each criterion.

Step 4 - (Option) use a frequently used comment

If you have entered Frequently used comments, you will notice that an Insert frequently used comment button will become available next to the score on the right. Click on it to choose the comment you would like to insert in the feedback box, or enter feedback manually in the box above.

Step 5 - Save your work

The grade will be automatically calculated when you click Save changes (from the bottom of the screen). Save and show next will save the grade and feedback and display the next student's work for marking. Make sure to disable Notify students if you do not wish an automatic notification to be sent that their work has been graded.

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