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This page describes how to manually input marks and mark codes to the marks return system.


There are  three methods  for delivering marks to the marks return system:

  • uploading a .csv file with specified headings
  • pulling the marks from the Myplace gradebook
  • typing the marks directly into the screens

Below are instructions for manually inputting marks and mark codes to the marks return system.

Ensure you understand the system

Before you begin a marks return, please ensure you have thoroughly read Managing Returns and have performed each step in Preparation for a Return.

Typing marks directly into the marks return system

Step 1 - Go to the marks return system

Log-in to Myplace

Click on Marks return admin in the 'Electronic marks return' block on the left of the screen

Step 2 - Check whether a return has been started for the class

Check the marks return admin screen to see whether a return has already been started for the class.  You can do this by searching for the class code in the search boxes at the top.

If a return has been started, under Actions, select Edit.

If a return has not been started, select the class code from the dropdown list, and click Add new.  Then give the return a name (see Naming Conventions in Preparation for a Return) and click Save.

Step 3 - Enter Marks

Next to each student name and registration number, there is a blank box and a dropdown menu. You can add or edit the mark in the blank box.

Step 4 - Enter Mark Codes

The dropdown menu provides four options for mark codes:

  • ABS - Absent
  • EN - Extension
  • EX - Exempt Assessment
  • FO - Failed Overall

ABS and EN mark codes do not take a mark and trying to send one with these mark codes selected will result in an error and your work will not be saved to the system.

Similarly, EX and FO require a mark and will return an error without one.

Any other mark codes must be presented to the exam board in person.

Step 5 - Check and save/transfer

Check that you are happy with your marks return.  Click Save.

If you are ready to send it to the student record, click Transfer to student records.  You can update or edit a marks return at any point up until the cut-off date/time, which is three hours before the exam board.

If you are not ready to send your return to the student record, click Save and then Close.

Note: saving the marks return will not send it to student records. Only the orange transfer button on the right will send the marks from the marks return screen to student records.