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In most cases student enrolments should not be manually managed. PEGASUS Class Codes or Programme Codes are preferred and will be kept in sync with the student's official curriculum.

There are cases where it is necessary to manually enrol a student into a class:

  1. Student enrolments are being entirely manually managed (see Add Informal Roles to a Class)
  2. Where a student has withdrawn from a course, but you need to access details of any completed work.

Adding a Manual Student Enrolment (Suspended Enrolment)

  1. Access the Enrolment Methods page for the class via Class Administration > Users > Enrolment Methods

  2. Click on the Enrol Users icon Enrol users
  3. This will display the Manual enrolments screeen 

  4. Enter the details for the student you wish to add back into the class, and click on the < Add button.

Adding a Manual Student Enrolment

In cases where the student does not already have a suspended enrolment method, the you should enrol them as an informal role as detailed in Add Informal Roles to a Class